Tree and Sky


“When you write a book, you spend day after day scanning and identifying the trees. When you’re done, you have to step back and look at the forest.”

― Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

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Sleeping Gorilla


I’ve fallen a little behind schedule. A few challenging chapters coupled with a busy week set me back a bit. Time is limited, so it was bound to happen—such is life. And the chapters in question highlighted one of my most significant concerns heading into this—the lack of consistency. But with help from a book I picked up this week, I’ve learned a few tips on how to identify my trouble spots. And most importantly, how to fix them.

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Floating Umbrellas


He sat at his computer and blinked at the words on the screen. Dry eyelids felt like paper rubbing on his pupils. His neck muscles were ready to call it a night and let his head droop forward. The vivid descriptions and engaging dialogue made no difference—the chapter was off. Something about it just didn’t fit. He was stuck, floating in his own mind.

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Unmotivated Dog in Bed


Some days suck. You don’t want to leave the warmth and coziness of your bed. You drag yourself into the shower. You find yourself checking Facebook or Twitter rather than getting ready for the day. All this due to the dread looming in your mind because of that big something you ought to work on. Continue reading “Motivation”


Seven Down

That was fast. Seven days of editing zipped by. In that time, seven chapters have been bloodied (with a red pen), tweaked, reorganized, and rewritten while working late-ish at night, during lunch breaks, and over some parsed-out time on the weekend. I shall treat myself to donuts. Or ice cream.
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Video Game A Winner Is You


Holy crap, I won something! It was a random drawing, so the only effort I put forth was responding to a tweet request with my book title. But hey, a win is a win and I gladly accept. Continue reading “#winning”

Author with Manuscript

Well, Here We Go

I’ve done it. The initial draft of my first manuscript is complete. All done. My work-in-progress novel, The Mousetrap Killer, is now a thing. Break out the cake and ice cream. And a bed. Continue reading “Well, Here We Go”