Holy crap, I won something! It was a random drawing, so the only effort I put forth was responding to a tweet request with my book title. But hey, a win is a win and I gladly accept.

The aptly named Free Writing Events (@writevent on the Twitter) shares free online writing events and contests. My prize is a free first chapter line edit from editor Mica Scotti Kole (@micascotti, micascottikole.com), who hosts the Free Writing Events page.
This will be the first time the story will be seen by someone I don’t know, which is equal parts exciting and terrifying. I anticipate candid feedback. That is how one improves as a writer. I welcome it. But a tiny section of my brain—an infinitesimal part made up of, maybe, seven individual cells—dreads a response along the lines of “You should just quit”. I don’t believe an editor would ever tell a writer to quit, but those seven cells are unrelenting in their obstinacy. Good luck convincing them otherwise. The other hundred billion or so cells await the opportunity to learn and grow as a writer. I prefer those ones.

Conflicting brain matter aside, the response should fall somewhere between “You should just quit” and “You are the next Gillian Flynn/Paula Hawkins/James Patterson”. I will share the feedback when received to see exactly where this version of The Mousetrap Killer’s first chapter lies (definitely much closer to the former). Until then, I will continue to slash away at the manuscript with a red pen—and fight back the 0.00000000007% of my brain that thrives on self-doubt.

6 thoughts on “#winning

  1. I can guarantee I won’t tell you to quit! Getting better can be tough, no matter what level you’re at, but it’s always well worth it. And anyone can get better if they have the drive. Tell your seven cells they’re just lazy 😉

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