Squeeze the Clock

Short post today. After work travel last week—and catching up from work travel this week—I don’t have much of a progress update.

Unfortunately, I have yet to find my way back into the rhythm of editing. I’m disappointed because I’ve finished only three chapters in the past two weeks. Though some of the time constraints were out of my control, I simply haven’t carved time out for myself to work on the manuscript—or this wonderfully insightful and entertaining blog.

Are you not entertained?Well?

To get back on track, in the moment, back in the groove, and on the trail toward success, I’m setting a goal to edit ten chapters by Thursday, October 4th. Completion of those ten chapters will put me at the half-way mark of the book. It won’t be easy. Late nights, early mornings, gallons of Vermont Country Blend coffee—I’ll do whatever it takes to squeeze the clock and drip valuable minutes from it.

Giant coffee cupThis much coffee.

Oh, we just adopted a puppy (!), so that should help with time management. (I don’t know how to make that last sentence read with the amount of sarcasm intended, so just imagine ALL of the sarcasm went into those 13 words and 6 punctuation marks.)

Put bull puppyEvie.

I’m anxious to get the book to a point at which I feel comfortable enough to put it in front of beta readers. Saying “it’s half-way there” will help build the momentum to propel me toward the finish line. Check back on Thursday to find out if I make it to the midpoint.

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