At the Gate

Alfie had what the McConnells requested. After this exchange, he’d have enough money to call it a night. He pressed the call button outside the gate.

He waited in the dark—the glass from the overhead light sprinkled on the sidewalk. Alfie wondered what—or who—broke it.

Minutes passed with no response. Alfie pressed the button again.

Thunder boomed in the distance. The sky lit up like flashbulbs during the opening kickoff of the Super Bowl. Alfie sensed the threat of rain in the thick air.

A raindrop splashed off Alfie’s nose.

“Come on, people.”

More drops fell.

Alfie jammed his finger onto the button repeatedly.

The sprinkles turned to a full-on downpour. Alfie was soaked, along with the boxes in his hands. He spun and ran to his car.

Gino was going to be livid. Alfie winced at the thought of his boss’s temper.

What was he going to do with four soggy pizzas?

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