Other Eyes

The Mousetrap Killer is officially in the hands (or on the screens) of beta readers. My baby is out in the world. This marks the first time the book will be in front of eyes that are not set inside my skull. I am equal parts nervous and anxious to receive feedback. It will help make the book the best it can be, and I’m prepared to handle criticism—I just hope they like the overall story.

What will I do now that the manuscript is in a holding pattern? I’m glad you asked. I’ll start putting ideas for other books into the hopper. Whichever of the half-dozen stories tumbling beneath my scalp pops out will be my next project, and I’ll start fleshing out an outline.

And play video games. I haven’t played a video game in over a year. I need to carve out a few hours after the kids go to bed one night and escape into a fantasy world I can manipulate with a remote control, rather than a keyboard.

I wrote The Mousetrap Killer in the nooks and crannies of time between a full work day, a wife, two kids, three dogs (INCLUDING A PUPPY!!!), soccer, and social life. It’ll be weird to have a month off from thinking “I should be writing” in the times I wasn’t tending to one of the aforementioned elements of my life. But I want to take a short break from writing to prevent creative burnout. I have to remind myself that the ideas fermenting in my mind aren’t going anywhere, so there’s no rush to squeeze them out of my brain.

I feel relieved to have reached this point. I know the book is far from complete, but it’s one step closer to the finish line. I’ll continue to post updates on the process of choosing my next project, the feedback from my beta readers, and an extensive review of time wasted playing XBox.

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