OMG it’s [REDACTED]!!!!

Hello! Long time no blog.

I’ve received feedback from nearly all of The Mousetrap Killer beta-readers. All of the responses so far have been extremely helpful, but best of all, no one has suggested any major structural rewrites. I need some paint and spackle rather than a sledgehammer and new plywood.

Torn down house
Nothing a little spackle and paint can’t fix.

The first response I received was “OMG it’s <killer name>!!!!” That helped settle some nerves. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the experience has been insightful. I won’t detail all the comments here, but everything suggested made sense—nothing came out of left field.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been implementing the suggestions (hence the lack of posts here!). I also started putting together some early planning for my next book.

Complicated calculations on chalkboard
It’s simple, really.

The next book will feature a team of convicts “hired” into indentured servitude by the FBI in return for reduced sentences. It’s sort of like the A-Team meets Sneakers. It will be a thriller, but lighter and more comedic than The Mousetrap Killer. I plan for the new one to be the first in a series.

I’m anxious to get The Mousetrap Killer polished. I will start submitting to agents in the next month, so stay tuned for a string of posts in which I remain strong in the face of rejection.

Until next time.

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