I stumbled across a shadowy corner of the attic blanketed with cobwebs and grime. Something compelled me to grab a broom and sweep away the filth. Inhaling the dank odor stirred a coughing fit. My eyes watered in the swirling dust. What did I find underneath all that muck?

This blog!

Is this thing on?

Life moves faster with each passing sunset. I thought it had been maybe four or five months since my last post. Nope. January 29th! Nine months. I’ve been actively creating in that time, even though I let the weeds consume this place. In future posts, I’ll update the status of The Mousetrap Killer, discuss my current manuscript, and perhaps throw up a few microfiction stories. Oh, and I’m launching a weekly webcomic on Tuesday, November 5th. It’s called Bathroom Break, and it follows the lives of the people on bathroom signs, so be on the lookout for that.

Bathroom Break - A crappy webcomic
Take a break.

I’m excited to dust this blog off and start contributing to it once again. Posts may not be weekly, as before, but they’ll certainly be more frequent than this nine-month lapse!

Stay tuned.

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