Corentine Jornel Day 1

Mommy and Daddy told me and my litle sister that we need to stay home from school because of a virise. Mommy said we have to corentine. We arent a loud to go to Jimmy and Becka’s house to play. They live next door and they are my best frends. We can’t play with them cuz we mite cach the virise and then we mite give it to other pepel and that wud be bad. So thats why we need to stay home. Jimmy is my age wich is 6 and Becka is 4 the same as my sister’s age. My littl sister’s name is Molly.

Mommy is a teacher and she has to stay home to. She said she misses her students. She tould us to play in our rooms because we where to loud. So we played legos in my room until Molly got mad and throwed legos at the wall. Mommy sayed we where driving her crazy. I said we can’t drive and she cloused her eys and walked away.

Daddy has to work at home becaus of the virise. He is a soft wire enginer. I saw him work but ther wer only 2 wires on his conputer and they didn’t look very soft. He dosn’t like when we wach him work because he says we are distrackeding. I don’t know what that means but his work is boring. He always tells us to close his door. One time Molly sneeked in and sat under his desk for like 100 howrs and he didn’t even see her. It was very funny!

My teacher Mrs Wilson sent Mommy and Daddy a emile today. It has activtes that we can do because we can’t go to school. Mommy said we got stuff to keep us bizzy. One of the activites is wirting a jornel so this is my jornel.