Other Eyes

The Mousetrap Killer is officially in the hands (or on the screens) of beta readers. My baby is out in the world. This marks the first time the book will be in front of eyes that are not set inside my skull. I am equal parts nervous and anxious to receive feedback. It will help make the book the best it can be, and I’m prepared to handle criticism—I just hope they like the overall story.

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A Funny Thing Happened

Hello. Long time, no blog. It’s been almost two months since I’ve posted an update. October is always a busy month—our wedding anniversary, daughter’s birthday, and family member birthdays fill the calendar. Then I blinked and Thanksgiving passed.

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At the Gate

Alfie had what the McConnells requested. After this exchange, he’d have enough money to call it a night. He pressed the call button outside the gate.

He waited in the dark—the glass from the overhead light sprinkled on the sidewalk. Alfie wondered what—or who—broke it.

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Call me a Plotter. I like to plan my writing. Not an etched-in-stone master copy. That’s not what I mean. Some writers work well that way, and more power to them. I like to think of my planning/outlining as a roadmap for driving from New York to L.A.
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