Seven Down

That was fast. Seven days of editing zipped by. In that time, seven chapters have been bloodied (with a red pen), tweaked, reorganized, and rewritten while working late-ish at night, during lunch breaks, and over some parsed-out time on the weekend. I shall treat myself to donuts. Or ice cream.
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Video Game A Winner Is You


Holy crap, I won something! It was a random drawing, so the only effort I put forth was responding to a tweet request with my book title. But hey, a win is a win and I gladly accept. Continue reading “#winning”

Author with Manuscript

Well, Here We Go

I’ve done it. The initial draft of my first manuscript is complete. All done. My work-in-progress novel, The Mousetrap Killer, is now a thing. Break out the cake and ice cream. And a bed. Continue reading “Well, Here We Go”